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real estate video drone

Nothing in marketing is more compelling than quality storytelling. However, in sales, things are time and budget bound and storytelling isn’t enough.  Highly effective tools capitalize on well crafted visuals and messages by strategically funneling viewers to a point of sale.  


Our expert CoPILOT team crafts amazing visual stories around your CRE projects and then incorporates key funneling elements into a deliverable that drives prospects to you.


Get the sales funnel you need, without forsaking the stunning visual media your asset deserves. Motion, music, text, color...our expert art team relies on years of creative industry experience to craft media that captivates.  Existing properties, assets undergoing renovation, conceptual build-outs, new developments, land projects, tenant presentations, and more, a CoPILOT Video is the sales tool solution engineered for your CRE needs.

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